Pregnancy in an Uncertain World

I know a lot of you are scared and worried about being pregnant during all this madness. I truly believe we will get through this and I hope you can find strength in the fact that we are in this together. I want all of you to not focus on the fear, but focus on the happiness and joy that the little baby inside you will and is bringing you.

Mental health directly affects your physical well-being. The power of positivity and optimism will truly be our saving grace. If you find yourself going down the rabbithole of worry, fear and what ifs, make me a promise… turn off the news, take a breath and just talk to that baby in your belly. Be in the moment! Be present! Take a deep breath and keep pushing forward.

I know it’s hard to put in words the overall emotions that are running through your mind, so let me help you. I wrote the following letter to my unborn baby, but I also wrote this for each of you. I want you to know we are all feeling the same way. Some of us are better than others when it comes to articulating it, but this letter symbolizes what the journey means to all of us. Stay strong! Our bodies are incredible, trust in yours!


To my unborn baby,

Less than a month ago, your daddy, big sister and I officially announced to the world that you were coming in July. I remember being so nervous, but so excited to finally share the big news!

Just two weeks ago, we gathered our close family and friends to find out what you would be. We all laughed hysterically when your bee themed gender reveal balloon refused to pop. The video of your daddy stabbing this huge black balloon over and over again is hilarious. He was so frustrated, but it made for a really good laugh. (Thank goodness for the back-up confetti popper!) It seemed fitting for the occasion especially since we had a similar funny story for your sister.

It crazy to think how much has changed since then. The world has turned upside down and all I can think about is you.

Instead of focusing on the fear and anxiety of what this might look like when you arrive or how nuts and unbelievable at times it feels to be pregnant during this nightmare, I promise you, my sweet baby girl, that I will do everything in my power to focus on keeping you and this family safe, healthy and happy.

I truly believe this is a story I’ll tell you when you get older about how life had a very interesting way of making me (and the rest of the world) slow down from the craziness of work and nonsense to focus on what’s important… our little family and YOU!

Thank you for bringing me joy when the world seems so dark. The last two weeks have been extremely difficult but through all that sadness somehow you have brought me hope.

I love feeling you bounce around so free, careless and happy. I love showing your sister my belly and having her feel you kick in response. She now is starting to understand that you are coming and says “baby” constantly and kisses my tummy and sometimes blows the occasionally raspberry while laughing hysterically.

You have brought so much joy and happiness to us and you aren’t even here yet. I would have missed these small moments in my normal day to day, but now I see myself embracing them with gratitude and appreciation. Life is precious and now my eyes are more open than ever to see it. I cherish and love every second.

In less than a month, reactions from friends and family have quickly switched from overwhelming excitement of your arrival to concerns about you and me staying healthy and safe. I never thought I would hear so much concern in their voices when talking about being pregnant during these uncertain times, but I know in my heart of hearts that we will be okay. There is nothing to fear since we got this! You are strong! I can tell AND I’ll let you know a little secret… YOUR MOMMY IS TOO.

We are in this together my love. Our little family will prevail. Thank you for being our sunshine through these dark clouds. Your sister, daddy and I cannot wait to meet you in July. Until then, keep being our little light at the end of the tunnel. We love you!



If you are pregnant or know of anyone who is pregnant, please share this message with them, but most importantly stay positive! Everything will be okay!