20 Baby Items You Don’t Need to Buy

When you walk into a Buy Buy Baby the first time as a new mom, it’s easy to be quickly overwhelmed and think your head might explode with all the options and gizmos out there. To say I did my research on all things baby prior to Hayden’s arrival would be an understatement. I know there are a lot of moms out there that want every baby item on the market just in case, but honestly I’m not one of those. I’m not a huge fan of clutter or wasting money on things we would never use.

So if your like me and wanting to save your house from being buried in unnecessary baby stuff or if you just want to save money by cutting out things that you’ll never use and don’t need, this list of 20 items is for you:

1. Expensive Crib

I had to have this Restoration Hardware baby crib. I was obsessed over it. Don’t get me wrong, I love going into Hayden’s room and showing it off since it’s so beautiful, but I need to be honest, do you want to know how many times she has slept in it. ONCE!!! That was a pretty expensive 20 minute nap.

2. Blooming Baby Blooming Bath

Aaron and I tried to use this in the beginning and quickly found that it did not work in our farm style sink. We now use it as a knee pad mat in our daughters bathroom by her bathtub. We never even got one of those cute photos with her in it.

3. Baby Socks

In the traditional sense, these are a complete waste. They fall off within seconds of putting them on and babies practically live in onesies that cover their feet in the beginning. Once they pass that phase, they have figured out how to pull the socks off and you are lucky to have them on their feet for maybe 5 minutes.

4. Receiving Blankets

We have so many of these since every blog I’ve read said we should have them and would use them all the time. These are a complete waste. They are too thin to keep her warm and were quickly too small to have any purpose. We have one in the diaper bag just in case she has a blow out in public and I need to wrap her in one to get to the bathroom.

5. Muslin Swaddles

Man do I have some beautiful prints. I was so excited to use these and swaddle my baby with them until I found that my daughter’s newborn hulk arms quickly popped them open every time. We reverted back to using the hospital blanket religiously when swaddling her for bed. I am now the proud owner of easily 10+ swaddles with tags still on them.

6. K-Tan

There are many people who swear by these however Hayden hated it. She screamed her head off every time I tried to use it. I attempted on three separate occasions and final gave up.

7. Breast Pump

I listed this not because you don’t need one because I used my religiously, but because you don’t need to buy one. You can get one for free from your insurance.

8. Teething Mittens

Hayden started getting teeth really early and had 9 teeth by her 1st Birthday. She was constantly wanting to chew on things especially in the early stages. We couldn’t keep her hands out of her mouth. I bought these thinking the concept was genius. Well, it was a fail. Hayden would hit herself in the face with the plastic part constantly and she quickly discovered the Velcro strap and how it would open. She needless to say had these off in record time.

9. Baby Shoes

These honestly are pointless until your baby is walking. Half the time I couldn’t even keep them on her feet (just like socks) and she would rip them off the second I finally got them on her. On top of that, once I finally got her to be okay with shoes, she hit a growth spurt that caused her to not fit in almost 10 adorable pairs that I had purchased. Just like that I wasted money on something we never used. It’s hard to resist though because the shoes are so cute.

10. Baby Gowns

We were given a handful of these however they would never stay down and in place. A zip onesie is a thousand times better in my opinion.

11. Travel Changing Pad

We used ours a few times and I quickly realized I rather use disposable pads because after a few poop explosions and trying to clean it, I felt like it still smelled and it grossed me out. I know it was probably in my head since I cleaned it throughly, but the blue disposable pads are bigger and are more useful. Plus, if your out on the go with your baby and you have one major diaper challenge and it gets on the travel pad it’s done.

12. Baby Bullet

I wanted to make Hayden’s baby food and I quickly realized that our ninja was a better option to make large quantities. The baby bullet never was put to use. I only used the baby food containers.

13. Expensive Baby Clothes

Babies live in onesies during their first few months. I really only got her dolled up when people were coming to visit. All of the adorable baby gap, Zara and Nordstrom’s clothes I bought went to waste. Hayden was always in a onesie and we didn’t take her enough places to really utilize all the adorable clothes (dresses, blouses, etc.) I purchased. Most of this stuff she never wore or at best she wore once.

14. Baby Mittens

These come off the second you put them on. Baby socks actually stay on better and are harder for your baby to get off their hands.

15. Expensive Diaper Bag

I splurged on a Tory Burch diaper bag and I’m sad to say I only use it every once in a blue moon. I was given a Jujube backpack as a gift and I love it. We use it all the time. It’s more convenient.

16. Bottle Warmer

One of our good friends told us to get our baby use to room tempature bottles since the last thing you want to do in the middle of the night is warm a bottle. From day one of Hayden getting a bottle, we never warmed them and she didn’t care.

17. Baby Wipe Warmer

Don’t waste your money on these. Trust me when your dealing with a massive blow-out the last thing your thinking about is warming a wipe.

18. Crib Bumper

You will learn in your baby classes that both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American SIDS Institute have both issued warnings about crib bumpers. There are links to crib bumpers and SIDS. I remembering being in our baby class when they covered this topic and my husband leaned over and ask, “did we buy one of those?” I had no idea. I immediately took it back to Pottery Barn the next day.

19. Baby Pillow

These are purely decorative and not needed. You are not allowed to put anything in your baby’s crib while they are sleeping which means these are pointless.

20. Wet Bag

You don’t need this. A zip-lock bag is sufficient.

Even with my strong obsession to not over purchase and almost addictive review reading to confirm I chose the best product on the market, I still ended up with stuff that we honestly did not need. Stay strong and remember, when in doubt don’t buy it. Also, if you truly need it, you can always purchase it after the baby arrives. Amazon can have it at your house the next day.