All Moms Can do Elf on the Shelf

Many moms get instantly overwhelmed when someone even mentions Elf on the Shelf. The thought and creativity that is necessary for this little elf’s daily “shenanigans” stops many moms in their tracks before even trying to start.

Elf on the Shelf - Ice Ice Baby
Elf on the Shelf – Ice Ice Baby

I am happy to share some tips and tricks of mine to make unique and creative Elf on the Shelf ideas that look super complicated and planned out, but really are quick and easy. (Some of these were even done the morning of.) For busy moms like me, I have to be resourceful and only utilize items that I currently have at my house. With the exception of the edible products, all the items used to put these together were pulled from old Christmas stuff I no longer use, our craft and extra/old party supplies or from items in our garage.

Hopefully by giving you a place to start, this will help you save some money and not spend a fortune on something you take down after a day. Plus, you will be able to make some fun and unique creations of your own.

Look through any old and extra party supplies for an instant theme day!

Elf on the Shelf - Inspired by Disney’s  Moana
Elf on the Shelf – Inspired by Disney’s Moana

This Te Fiti head was an old prop we used at my daughter’s 1st Birthday Party. I am not sure why we held onto it but, thankful we did because this was one of my daughter’s favorite days during our Elf’s journey this holiday season. She was obsessed with Moana then and still is. What better way to make your kid excited then to pull from a theme you know they will love. The Moana outfit was made utilize craft supplies (construction paper, markers, stick on jewels and tape) we already had. I cut some leaves from the Te Fiti head and used an Amazon fresh brown bag for the actual skirt and top. Super simple!

Elf on the Shelf - Let’s Bee Friends
Elf on the Shelf – Let’s BEE Friends!

This BEE themed masterpiece was created utilizing old party props and supplies from my youngest daughter’s gender reveal party. The bee outfit was made using some craft supplies we already had (construction paper, a black marker, a glue stick and some tape).

Elf on the Shelf - Hot Air Balloon​
Elf on the Shelf – Hot Air Balloon

This DIY hot air balloon was made from leftover party supplies too. It was simple, quick to construct and took minimal supplies. Assembly time was maybe 5 minutes.

Dig into old Christmas stuff you no longer use!

Elf on the Shelf - Candy Cane Sled​
Elf on the Shelf – Candy Cane Sled

Old ornaments we no longer use made this fun day possible. This could have easily been done with some real candy canes as well.

Pull from every day items around the house!

Elf on the Shelf - Guitar Player
Elf on the Shelf – Guitar Player

Toy guitar, sunglasses case, some coins, candy and a small cardboard sign and you have this little scene! Super easy and extremely adorable!

Elf on the Shelf - #Elfie​
Elf on the Shelf – #Elfie

A camera and a sign and you can make this cool selfie or better yet Elfie day! This one was a huge hit with my daughter. She loved pointing at the photos of her and her elf together.

You can make cool sets with some wrapping paper and tissue paper!

Elf on the Shelf - Baby Shark​
Elf on the Shelf – Baby Shark

The possibilities are endless with some wrapping paper and tissue paper. You can create and entire world. The sharks were from my daughter’s puzzle. These could have easily been printed online as well. Be warned, if you decided to do a Baby Shark Elf on the Shelf day, you will be forced to play the song all day long by your child. I didn’t think that part through.

Keep it simple with minimal items!

Elf on the Shelf - Party Piñata ​
Elf on the Shelf – Party Piñata

This one received tons of compliments and only required a ribbon, Starbucks tumbler straw, string, a mini piñata and some candy!

I think the biggest thing to remember is this should be fun! Your kid will love whatever you do! Happy Holidays!

Elf on the Shelf – Poppy from Trolls